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An irresponsible, weed-addicted lion and an uptight, know-it-all gorilla travel to Las Vegas in hopes of settling their gambling debt only to cross paths with a diabolical rat that runs a crime syndicate.


Lion and Gorilla: In the West

The savagery of sex and violence is uncaged in this action, adventure, comedy, and crime drama about a twenty-something lion and gorilla in a desperate situation. Leo and Abe inhabit an anthropomorphized version of our world with drugs, crime, and double-crosses just the same.  Abe has one week to pay off the St. Louis mob his degenerate father’s gambling debts and Leo, in a chemically induced epiphany, thinks they can settle the debt by going to west to Las Vegas and winning big. However, upon arriving in Las Vegas, the duo comes in conflict with the top Vegas mob boss, Pac Rat.

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